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2018 Listings A-L

Abingdon MG Parts Ltd

Accuspark Ignition Systems

AD Autos

Alicool Ltd

Andrew Swift Motoring Literature

Andrew Turner Carb

Andrew Turner Carburettors

Andy Jennings MG Spares

Andy King Pre War MG

Anstey, Mike


Ashcroft (Tools)


Autoschade Stoffer

Autosparks Ltd

Baldwin, Colin

Bancroft Motors

Barefoot, Richard

Barry Walker MGs

BB Engineering

Blockley Tyres

Bouckley, Jeremy

Brown & Gammons Ltd

Carter, Michael

Ceney Services

Chase MG

Cherished Vehicle Insurance

CJ Auto

CKW Distribution

Classic & Vintage Dynamos Ltd

Classic Car Garage Heinz Mueller

Classic Car Spares Reflector Resilvering Service

Classic Cars Cardiff

Classic Dash

Classic Driving Development Ltd

Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions Ltd

Classic Group

Classic Motoring Enamels

Classic Oils

Classic Reproductions

Clemts, David

Collins, Mike

Corley Classic

Coventry Classics

D & S Classic Cars

David Kingerley Classic Car Spares


DJ Factoring

Doherty, John

DW Classic

E.L Baughan Ltd

Edwards, Derek

Elliott, Digby

Elliott, Keith

Exact Trading

Fertan UK

Foreman, Doug

Fudge Cottage Ltd The

Furnace End Fires fefbadges.com

Goodban, Brian

Gregorys Autoparts Co

Guide Dogs

Gurka Welfare Trust The

H&H ignition

Hall's Garage

Hamilton Classics

Hedley, Ian

Herkes, Keith

Hodgson, David

Holmes, Alwyn

Hoyle Suspension Ltd

Ian & Joy Pollock

Industrial Labels + Nameplates Limited

J & S Artisans

J A Harrison

J.C.L. Spares

John Brown Wheels

Johns Carbooks

Jones, David

Just MG

Kemp & Heywood

Lancaster Tools

Lashford, Morris

LCW Direct Supplies

Leather Genie

Lille Racewear

Lister, Martyn

LMS Lichfield Ltd

2018 Listings M-Z

M.F.Cranwell & Son

Manor Garage

Marshall, John

Martin Smith Quality New and Used MGF/MGTF


Martrim LTD

McCarroll, Ken

McClelland, I.

MG and Alfa Spares

MG Bits

MG Car Club T Register

MG Octagon Car Club

MG 'T' Society Ltd The

MGF Mania


Mick Dolphin Classic Triumph Spares

Mike Papworth Triumph Services + Parts

Mirror Trim

MJS Auto and Marine

Moss Europe Ltd


NDP Tool's

Newbold, Tony

Number Plate Centre Ltd The


Overdrive Repair Services Ltd

Peter Best Insurance Services Ltd

Peter Edney MG

Phillips, Paul


Prestige Injection

Pryor, Howard


R & I Holmes

Radford, S. A.

Read, Mike

Restoration Factors

Richard Lee Classics

Richard's MG Parts

Rimmer Bros Ltd

Rob Co Tooling

Roberts, Paul

Robins, Phil

Robsport International


Rugby Classics


SC Parts Group Ltd

Selective Mini Spares

Senior, Clive

Shepherd, Paul

Shepstone, Steve

Smart Tech

Smith, Chris

South Wales Triumphs

SP Commercials

Spitfire Multispark

Sports & Vintage Motors Ltd

Steed, Kevin

Stevson Motors

Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance


Think Triumph

Tony Carey British Sports Car Spares


Tossell, Mark

TR Bitz

TR essex group/ TR North Essex

TR Register Scotland

TR Shop

TR Trader

Triple x

Triumph Stuff

Triumph TR Parts



Uzzell, Geoff

Vintage & Classic

Vintage & Collectors Car Spares

Wake, Colin

Warmley Classics

We Love MGs Ltd

Weaver, Richard

White, Tony

Wilder, Tony


Winkett, Ray

Winstanley, David

Woolley, Richard

Wrights Auto